Tutorial: First Level Select Rough Animation

The following gifs showcase some of the UI animations I created for the engineers in PS. These would be followed by notes and images so they could re-create it for the final game (Final game UI might vary).

Tutorial: Level Transitions Rough Animation

Tutorial: Queen Promotion Animation Rough Animation
(I illustrated the queen and sword for this one as well!)

Tutorial: New Level Unlocked Rough Animation

Match Victory: Transition to Rank-up to End Screen Rough Animation

End Screen: Shuffle or Rematch Selection Rough Animation

Killer Queen Black: UI/ 2D Artist

As the UI artist for KQB, I created multiple concepts for screens, Game-ready assets, and rough animations/notes for the engineers. Outside of UI work, I created promotional images for social media sites, as well as merchandise for KQB products.
(A big thank you to the amazing team I got the opportunity to work with! )

UI and 2D Artist
Release: October 2019